I'm passionate about helping women create a more empowering money story and be the Queen of her finances. I do this via coaching and providing financial education. 

I have both formal finance/coaching certifications and have almost 20 years experience working in corporate and business services. See Professional Biography.

Born and raised in Melbourne, I come from a humble beginnings; working class family, with no golden spoons. This required me to be more resourceful and look for additional outside resources.

When I was a girl, I was always independent and quiet dreamer, with a dash of rebellion and free spirit thinking, much to the surprise of my parents. As a teenager, I was told to get a little more serious and knew I wanted go to university and have a career where I helped people. Studying accounting or psychology were at the top of the list. After all, I was told university was the only way to get a great job and live the good life.

What do you think I did? You may have guessed it! I chose to go to university and study accounting. Studying and working in accounting gave me a great business foundation. I had various finance and leadership roles that were diverse and interesting.

Quietly, in the background, I still had an interest in human potential. I read personal development and money books, always wondering what makes some people successful and fulfilled, and others not. I continued to work, study, travel, save and invest.

In 2013, I discovered the relatively new industry of coaching. It sounded interesting and I starting looking into courses. I chose a coaching course to do part-time, while still in my 9 to 5 senior leadership role. The course was thought provoking, insightful and everything changed for me. It’s impossible to ignore these "aha" moments! I began learning new skills and understanding the world, my choices, thoughts, beliefs and myself better. There were areas in my life where I was doing OK and even good, but I could’ve done a lot better and moved more out of my "comfort zone".

A planted seed was coming to the surface, to start my own coaching business. I looked at how can I help people, combine my finance business skills, with coaching experience and work for myself. There and then my coaching business was born. Who said that you have to give up anything or exclusively have a finance or coaching career?!

This made me very nervous, as I had invested so much time, effort and money in my corporate career. I found myself a coach, committed to do the inner work and most importantly took action. I knew even if I tried to forget about starting my own business, it will continue to play on my mind and I felt I would regret it down the track.

As leadership expert, Robin Sharma says "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end".

I’m here to serve! My business is built on love, passion for what's possible and a commitment to do good. Through my free content, coaching and anything I offer, I want to make a difference, help clients thrive and build a life they truly love in a financially sustainable and abundant way. I take a holistic approach to coaching.

I'm a true believer in continuing to learn, expand and taking inspired action, to ensure I keep myself relevant. In my opinion, I've learnt from the best coaches and leaders in the industry.  

My spending weaknesses (we all have them!) are books, fashion, skincare and home decor.

Besides coaching, I love travel, fashion, beach days, meeting new people, spending time with friends/family and also enjoy being at home, cooking, reading a book with tea (or wine) and lovely lit fragrant candle.

I love all four seasons, but have to say my favorite is summer. So far, my most fascinating holiday destination has been Israel.