Welcome! I'm Danijela!

I'm a money mindset coach that helps women increase their earning potential, create a more empowering money story, clear money blocks/limiting beliefs and get more financial education. 

I'll let you in on a secret, no one cares about your finances as much as you do and that's the reason why we need to get financially educated, understand our money story and make informed decisions. Leaving finances in the "too hard basket" or "I'm not good with numbers" can cost us freedom, opportunities, money and peace of mind.

Financial literacy and education is important and wasn't taught well in school. It's a life skill, we're somehow expected to figure out ourselves.

We all want to achieve big results – we work hard, get stuff done, climb the corporate ladder, start businesses, save, travel, go on adventures and buy nice things. What does all this have in common, MONEY!  On a certain level, money impacts every area of our life! 

There are many layers to our personal finances and money story. It can leave us confused, overwhelmed, stop us from taking the right actions and endlessly pendulum swinging between rich and poor. It doesn't have to be that way!

I always say "you'll have to look at it now or later. And sooner is better!"

Money Mindset work can be confronting and inspiring, at the same time. Our money stories can bring up negative emotions and is so personal. We've all made money mistakes, whether we admit it or not. It's important that we forgive, learn and move forward from these mistakes.

Through my signature 1:1 Money Mindset coaching program I'll meet you where you're at in your money journey and help you build the right foundations; live life on your terms, in a financially sustainable way!

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